I Finally Have Relief from My Chronic Upper Back Pain

My neck and upper back have been hurting for years. I have been to doctors and even have considered surgery. As the years have gone by, it was just hurting worse. I was even walking hunched over a bit. My doctor kept telling me to take ibuprofen and get rest. I did not want to have to rely on pills to manage pain. What got me to try chiropractic was actually seeing the amazing results our neighbor’s dog had from similar treatments. I figured if the science could work for a Dachshund, then the San Jose chiropractor about a mile from my house might be able to help me.

I know that sounds funny, but chiropractic medicine is also being used to treat animals. Some have dramatic results like my neighbor did with her old dog. I got to the point I could no longer function with the pain. I found myself sitting around a lot more letting the pain get worse. (more…)