Your First Aid Training Guide: Choosing an Appointed Individual or First Aider

All workplaces need to provide, at the very least, basic first aid provisions for their staff and employees (as well as customers, when necessary). But the most basic provisions for first aid would not only include a first aid kit or box and the right information for employees on first aid procedures, but also an appointed person (or first aider, if need be).

As an employer, it is your responsibility to choose the individual amongst your staff who will serve as the appointed person when it comes to first aid arrangements. You may also need a first aider, but this will depend on the assessment of your workplace and how potentially hazardous the workplace environment is. First things first, though: the appointed person. What is their role? How about the first aider? What is expected of them? Here’s what you need to know.

The appointed individual or person

If it has been determined in your workplace assessment for first aid that a first aider is not required for your workplace, then you would need to have an appointed individual or person. This person will basically be in charge of aidall arrangements for first aid, and this serves as a minimum requirement for all workplaces in the UK. It is important to recognise that even if your workplace is not hazardous per se, you still need an appointed individual just in case any accidents or emergencies occur.

The appointed individual or person would essentially be the one responsible for the provision of first aid equipment for your workplace and the setting up of the appropriate first aid procedures and facilities. The appointed individual would also be the one responsible for contacting emergency personnel when necessary. Your workplace’s appointed individual would not necessarily need first aid training, but more and more businesses are opting for first aid training and first aid courses for their staff, especially for appointed persons, just to eliminate risk.

The first aider

If it has been determined that your workplace needs a first aider (it can be one first aider or several, depending on your workplace assessment), then this individual will have to undergo the appropriate first aid training. The level of their training will also depend on the assessment of your workplace. The first aider’s training level can be categorised as FAW (first aid at work), EFAW (emergency first aid at work), or another type of first aid training programme that would be sufficient for the type of workplace you have.

Also, if you have a first aider for your business, it would be best to have them take regular refresher courses (about once every year) in order to keep them up to date with first aid arrangements and procedures.

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